Mia intervista sul sito dell’INAF

Intervista INAF

:: Oggi sul sito del notiziario online dell’ Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica (INAF) è stata pubblicata l’intervista dove racconto la genesi della fotografia “Hunter’s Moon over the Alps“, selezionata tra le finaliste del concorso  “Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2013“, organizzato dall’ Osservatorio reale di Greenwich ::

“Astronomy photographer of the year” Book

:: The Astronomy Photographer of the Year book is now available for ordering from the Royal Observatory. It features images from the last four years of the Astronomy Photographer of the Year competition.  The book includes one of my images  (on page 121) as well as great work from other astrophotographers.
If you love Night Photography or Landscape Photography you have to get a copy 😉 ::