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Le immagini pubblicate su questo sito sono di esclusiva proprietà dell’Autore Stefano De Rosa e sono protette dalla legge sul Diritto d’Autore, n. 633/1941 e successive modifiche e integrazioni ed il loro utilizzo è consentito esclusivamente previa autorizzazione scritta da parte dell’Autore.

Per richieste di pubblicazione delle immagini su libri, giornali, riviste, siti o altro, nonchè di esposizione in mostre ed eventi potete contattare l’Autore via mail all’indirizzo:


Please consider that my images are copyrighted and any use is prohibited without my permission. You can contact me describing the intended use at the following e-mail address:


4 thoughts on “CONTACT / COPYRIGHT

  1. Hi Stefano! Great work!
    I love the way you have captured the beauty of the sky, and conveyed it in such a breath taking way!
    keep it up!
    Love to see more!
    Maybe a few more variations of sky although all your work is quite inspiring,maybe go to places where there is very low light pollution so that you could get the stars, galaxies and all its outer space wonders!?

  2. I greatly appreciated your pictures. You are really talented! And Italy is so inspiring.
    I plan to partake them with my friends and collegues!
    Johanne from Québec, Canada

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