One of my images featured on a new video by NASA

NASA just presented a video illustrating the conjunction show that will take place before sunrise in the upcoming days. With my great surprise, the last image of the video (@2:21) is that I took last March with my kids contamplating a similar conjunction :-)

My new video “The Sky over Turin”

Enjoy my new video showing images I took in Turin and its surroundings ;-)

Clicking the links below you will find more info on some of the images included:

Solstice Lunar Eclipse

This morning weather was bad over Turin so I could not observe (and photograph) the partial Lunar eclipse that was going on behind the clouds :-(

For the pleasure of all who missed the show (and also for the lucky ones that had clear sky) I post this stunning video of the total eclipse made by Kareem Brown (shown with permission):

- In the image aside Space shuttle Discovery waits to roll back at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center with the beginning of the total lunar eclipse clearly in view. (credits: NASA) -

Other sources to admire images and videos of the eclipse from all over the world are listed below: