NASA – APOD for my “Venus and Jupiter superclose conjunction”

Apod 21.8.2014

:: So honoured to have my image featured as yesterday’s Astronomy Picture of the Day (APOD) on the NASA’s website!! This is my 6th APOD, you can see previous ones HERE ::

Luna Piena, Monviso e Borgo Cornalese

Full Moon and Monviso

:: 15.5.2014 – Full Moon setting alongside the Monviso peak (3,843 meters high). In the foreground is the church of Borgo Cornalese, few km away from Turin ::

:: 15.5.2014 – La Luna piena tramonta “accanto” al Monviso e alla chiesa di Borgo Cornalese ::

:: Canon Eos 5D, mark 2; Exp: 1/2000 sec; f/8; ISO: 1250; focal lenght: 403 mm ::


Easter sunrise

:: Turin, 31 March 2013 – Canon Eos 5D Mk II  – focal lenght: 1000 mm – exp: 1/500 sec. – aperture: f/25 – ISO: 100 ::

Crescent Moon and planets over the Basilica


:: The image shows the lovely conjucntion above the eastern horizon early this morning.  Near the left bottom of the frame is Mercury just over the colorful twilight glow while Venus is shining left of the Moon’s sunlit crescent. The scene is completed by the silhouette of the Basilica of Saint John Bosco ::

:: Canon Eos 5D Mk II  – focal lenght: 105 mm – exp: 1.3 sec. – aperture: f/4 – ISO: 500 ::

I would like to dedicate this picture to the memory of Patrick Moore, whose passion for the heavens inspired me as millions of people around the world.

Monviso & Superga

The Basilica of Superga and Monviso

:: The Basilica of Superga captured this morning few minutes before sunrise in front of the Monviso peak ::

:: Canon Eos 5D Mk II  700 mm – exp: 1/4 sec – aperture: f/14 – ISO: 100 ::

:: La Basilica di Superga davanti al Monviso, ripresa questa mattina poco prima dell’alba ::

Sunrise at the Sacra of San Michele

:: Image taken on 21 October 2012 from Bruzolo  – Immagine ripresa da Bruzolo il 21 ottobre 2012 ::

Technical details: Canon Eos 5D, MkII, focal lenght: 700mm; Exp: 1/1600 sec; F/9, ISO: 100 

Horses in twilight

Image taken just before dawn of 8 August 2012 from Isola d’Elba – Foto scattata prima dell’alba dell’ 8 agosto 2012 dall’ Isola d’Elba 

Moon-Jupiter-Venus sky show

This morning my daughter Rebecca and my niece Adele did not want to miss the sky show and joined me to admire the conjunction from the beach of Lido di Dante (Ravenna, Italy). And our early wake has been very well rewarded! – Questa mattina mia figlia Rebecca e mia nipote Adele non hanno voluto perdersi lo show offerto da Giove, Luna e Venere sul cielo sopra Lido di Dante (Ravenna).

Jupiter and Moon few minutes before the occultation – La Luna e Giove pochi minuti prima dell’ occultazione.

Omega Sunrise with huge AR1520 sunspot

This morning I had the fortune to admire from the beach of Lido di Dante (Ravenna, Italy) a spectacular sunrise with the huge AR1520 sunspot rising on an omega shaped Sun over the sea!

  • Photo #1: Canon Eos 5d MkII; Exp: 1/30 sec.; F/29; ISO: 100
  • Photo #1: Canon Eos 5d MkII; Exp: 1/30 sec.; F/10; ISO: 100

Conjunction over Côte d’Azur

I took these images from Villefranche (located in Côte d’Azur, the Mediterranean coastline of the southeast corner of France) before dawn on July 7, 2012 and showing the beautiful  line-up of (from top to bottom) Pleiades, Jupiter, Venus (sitting in the V-shaped Hyades star cluster)  and Aldebaran  in the twilight colors over Cap-d’Ail.

In the foreground on the left is visible the Greek-style property “Villa Kerylos” whereas in the background on the left is the 550 mt high “Tête de Chien”promontory.