Omega Sunrise with huge AR1520 sunspot

This morning I had the fortune to admire from the beach of Lido di Dante (Ravenna, Italy) a spectacular sunrise with the huge AR1520 sunspot rising on an omega shaped Sun over the sea!

  • Photo #1: Canon Eos 5d MkII; Exp: 1/30 sec.; F/29; ISO: 100
  • Photo #1: Canon Eos 5d MkII; Exp: 1/30 sec.; F/10; ISO: 100

My “Sunspot at sunrise” image is published by CNN and gets great media coverage

My image of the sunspot AR 1476 rising alogside the Basilica of Superga (taken on May 10th) received a great media coverage being viewed by thousands of people around the web — a list of main webisites where it has been featured in the recent couple of weeks is provided below (click on the link to go to the relevant page):

EarthSky, Spaceweather (NASA),, CNN Mexico,, Picture of the Day, Meteoweb, POD.

Thanks for looking and best wishes for a great view of the Transit of Venus! Here are some useful resources to plan and follow the event:

Sunspot AR 1476 Sunrise and the Basilica of Superga

This morning the sight of the majestic Sunspot AR 1476 was great as the Sun was rising alogside the Basilica of Superga!

Canon Eos 5D Mark II; Focal lenght:700mm; Exp: 1/8000 and 1/125 sec; F/40; ISO:50

Questa mattina la visione della gigantesca macchia solare AR 1476 è stata veramente impressionante mentre il Sole sorgeva accanto alla Basilica di Superga – Ripresa effettuata dal Monte dei Cappuccini.

My new video “The Sky over Turin”

Enjoy my new video showing images I took in Turin and its surroundings ;-)

Clicking the links below you will find more info on some of the images included: