This page is dedicated to my favourite group: the fantastic ARCADE FIRE!

-  In the image me with Richard and Marika of the Arcade Fire few hours before the Lucca concert  (9 July 2011) -

Best “Reflektor” videos and sounds

The reflektors

Hidden track



We exist

Normal person

Flashbulb eyes

It’s never over


Full shows

Interviews and other media

20 May 2012 – Arcade Fire and Mick Jagger on SNL

See the video of the performance here: VIDEO

13 December 2011 – Official video of Sprawl II

23 October 2011 – Live at the Bridge School Benefit Concert 2011

 On night #2 they played acustic versions of “We sused to wait” and “Half light II”

Off topic – Space Oddity live

20  September 2011 – A selction of my fav AF pictures

to be continued…….

10 July 2011 – Great concert in Lucca

Full story here 

5 July 2011 – The Arcade Fire arrive in Italy

Tonight in Milan and on the 9th in Lucca (I’ LL BE THERE!!)

2 July 2011 – Replay of the concert at Hyde Park

If you were not amon the 60,000 fans attending the epic AF concert at Hyde Park, just click the image below and listen to it :-)

23 May 2011 – Listen to two new songs from the deluxe version of the Suburbs

The new traks are  “Speaking in toungues” and “Culture War”. Follow this link and enjoy :-)

Youtube videos (better quality audio): here and here.

2 May 2011 – Scenes from the Suburbs on sale from 21 June 2011

21 June 2011 will be the release date for “Scenes from the Suburbs” – a short film by Spike Jonze, is set for DVD release in June via Sonovox, and will include two previously unreleased exclusive tracks recorded during The Suburbs album sessions. More info: here.

15 April 2011 – Arcade Fire in Haiti

Concert at Partners in Health headquarters in Cange, Haiti.

14 April 2011 – Happy birthday WIN!!!

Today Win Butler turns 31 years old: let’s celebrate with these early days AF videos:

28 March 2011 – Arcade Fire win FOUR (!) Juno awards

Group of the Year, Songwriting of the Year and Album of the Year + Alternative Album of the Year

They played Rococo:

Neil Young praises Arcade Fire’s performance:

Post award interviews:

20 March 2011 – AF will play new songs at Hyde Park

The band started working on new material and may play new songs during the 30 June Hyde Park gig — full story here. 

23 February 2011 – Suburbs Best Album at NME Awards 2011

The Group wasn’t able to attend the ceremony so decided to send this “Jazzy” video:

19 February 2011 – Interview about “Scenes From The Sububs” at Berlinale

17 February 2011 – Arcade Fire confirm they will be workin on new material soon

During an interview after the Brit Awards ceremony, Win Butler confirmed that: “We’re going to write for about a month, a month and a half and then we’re going to play – we’ll be back in Europe in the summer.”

15 February 2011 – Arcade Fire – Brit Award for ‘Best International Group’ and ‘Best International Album’

Enjoy their performance with “Ready to start”

14 February 2011 - AF triumph at the Grammy Awards: Suburbs is Album of the Year !!!!!

More: here

13 February 2011 – AF will play month of May at the Grammy Awards

11 February 2011 - Secret session

In preparation of their apperance at the Grammys Awards, Arcade Fire organized a last-minute gig at the Ukrainian Culture Center of Los Angeles:

Related links: 

10 February 2011 – KROQ session

Arcade Fire play great acustic versions of “Ready to Start” and “Month of May” in studio R of famous  KROQ in Los Angeles.

Full story + interview: here!

3 February 2011 – Arcade Fire licence License “Wake Up” to Super Bowl to Benefit Haiti Relief

Official National Football League commercial from Super Bowl XLIV features New Orleans Saints’ running back Reggie Bush hurling through the air to score a touchdown. Slo-motion fan cheering with Wake Up as sound background!

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