Perseid fireballs over Isola d’Elba

The show put on by the Perseid meteor shower early this morning over the Remaiolo beach (Isola d’Elba) was really great! Here you can find some fireballs captured during the photo session.

La scorsa notte lo sciame meteorico delle Perseidi ha offerto uno spettacolo eccezionale sulla Spiaggia del Remaiolo (vicino Capoliveri, Isola d’Elba)! Ecco alcune dei bolidi più brillanti catturati durante la sessione fotografica.

Above is a bright meteor captured next to the Plaeiades. Sopra un bolide passa accanto le Pleiadi.

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16 Comments on “Perseid fireballs over Isola d’Elba

    • Thank you so much Anthony ;-)

  1. These are spectacular photos!!Thank you for always sharing your gifts and talents with the world! It’s so nice to be able to see this from your side of the world for it was rainy and cloud covered here in Philadelphia,PA(USA),so thank you again!

    • Many thanks for your kind words Michelle ;-)

  2. Great images, Stefano! You are lucky and I’m a bit envious:-) Last night was cloudy here. I saw some Perseids but I couldn’t capture them. But no problem. I just have a look at your photos and it’s okay for me:-)

    • Thank you Tamas! I am sorry you got cloudy weather…I wish you better luck for the Leonids ;-)

  3. Exciting photos! What a thrill! Thank you Stefano.

    • Many thanks to you Jagdish ;-)

  4. Thank You so very much for sharing your incredibly talented photography Stefano De Rosa. I could not get far enough out of the city lights to see Perseids yesterday. Such great color photos.

    • Many thanks for your kind words ;-)

    • Thank you Oleg! I used 30 seconds exposure

  5. We too had overcast skies in Florida, USA. These are lovely! I’ve seen some nice ones during the Draconids in October. Streak across the sky just before sunrise is always a treat!

    • Than you for your comment Melanie ;-) I a gree with you: I am also a fan of the twilight fireballs !

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