Contemplating the conjunction

The image shows the crescent Moon (with a beautiful earthshine), three planets (Earth, Jupiter and Venus)…and three kids (one of them is called Miranda…another Moon): what a great conjunction!

Technical details: Turin (Italy), 25 March 2012, Canon EOS 5D Mark II,  Canon EF24-105mm f/4L IS USM lens set @ 70 mm; Exp: 0.5 sec; F/5.6; ISo: 1600

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4 thoughts on “Contemplating the conjunction

  1. Lovely conjunction with kids! I like this photo maybe because of the fact that I have three children too:-) I try to inspire my kids to enjoy observing the sky, to learn more about the Universe. So it’s a great challenge for parents. And this image is a very good example.


    1. Delighted to receive you comment Tamas! As you are surely aware of, the real challenge was getting them to stay still :-) I believe that we lucky to have this wonderful passion for astrophotography and the beauty of heavens and I agree with you that we need to put a great effort to transmit them to our kids.

      All the best

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