Apogee Hunter’s Moon meets the Sacra di San Michele

This year’s Hunter’s Moon is the farthest full Moon of 2011. Neverthenless, in the picture above it looks pretty big as setting this morning next to the Sacra di San Michele, the monument located on a 962 mt mountain some 40 km from Turin and considered as the symbolic monument of the Piedmont Region. In the picture below our natural satellite sets behind the Alps.

La Hunter’s Moon di quest’anno è la Luna piena più distante del 2011. Ciò nonostante, è apparsa comunque grande questa mattina mentre tramontava accanto alla Sacra di San Michele, monumento simbolo del Piemonte situato, sul Monte Pirchiriano (962 mt) a 40 km da Torino.  

You can find other images of this session here:

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