Alpine foggy little planet

At a first look the image above could evoke a planet with a rocky part and a predominant presence of blue sea. However,  reality is pretty different,  as it is the result of seven images combined in a “little planet” style panorama. The images have been taken  from a panoramic site on a hill overlooking Turin (Italy) in the morning of 2 February 2011, when the city was completely covered by a sea of foggy clouds.

The background of the “normal panorama” image is dominated by the snow capped montain chain of the Cottian and Graian Alps, whose three major peaks are easily identificable on the “little planet” :

  • On the left side of the planet (at 9.30 hour) lies the Monte Viso that with its 3,841 meters is the highest peak of the Cottian Alps;
  • at the opposite side is visible the Rochemelon, 3,538 meters, part of the Graian Alps ;
  • At the planet’s South Pole there is the Levanna Orientale peak (3,555 meters)

Just below the North Pole of the planet, resembling the Enceladus geysers,  plumes rise from industrial plants below the foggy curtain and a bird is admiring the show from a privileged position on the top of a tree — see the close up view below:

Technical details: Seven images taken with a  DMC-FX35 Lumix Panasonic digital camera and combined with Panorama Maker 4. Little planet panorama obtained using Photoshop CS4.

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