Partial solar eclipse – the “Crescent Sun”!

This morning Marco and I moved to a site close to Turin where the meteo forecast were not so bad (as in our city) to try to observe and photograph the partial solar eclipse. Unfortunately, when we arrived it was cloudy and foggy and so decided to go back home. Suddenly, as I was sadly driving on the motorway, close to the city of Alessandria, noticed a little break on the clouds from my rearview mirror: I stopped the car and, after a quick set up, we managed to capture the crescent Sun!

Technical details: Canon Eos 1000d, F/22; 150-500mm lens @ 500mm; ISO. 1/1600 sec






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4 thoughts on “Partial solar eclipse – the “Crescent Sun”!

    1. Grazie Rosalba! Qui si è aperto un varco per soli 10 minuti ma sono stati sufficienti per ammirare lo show;-)

  1. Happy New Year, Stefano!
    Those images are so fantastic!!!! Thank you for sharing them. I wish I could have been there to see it live, but your images are the next best thing!

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